• October 21, 2021 8:26 am
  • New York, USA, North America


Benny Goldfarb is a smooth-talking private detective who gets sucked into the complex world of Colombian politics, drug cartels, and gun-toting mercenaries, when his love interest Rosa asks him to help save her missing brother Enrique. The result is a fast-paced adventure through Colombia as Benny, Rosa, and their cab driver Umberto race to find Enrique before it’s too late.
Feigenbaum’s prose is simple–though mostly effective–as it unravels the adventures of Benny and his cohorts; the reader is given what is needed to paint a narrative picture without deviating into fluff or overly complex prose. This simplicity allows the story to keep moving without too many stalls along the way.
A damsel-in-distress needing rescue from a private detective is formulaic; however, the chase through Colombia adds a bit of color and flair. Feigenbaum’s familiarity with Colombian history, customs, and conflict–and his ability to keep the reader engaged–add a layer of interest to this standard detective tale.
Benny Goldfarb is a fun character who has a few tricks up his sleeve–he’s resourceful, passionate, and not afraid to resort to violence (when necessary); while still remaining morally upright, spiritual, and oddly old-fashioned. Rosa and Umberto, as Benny’s sidekicks, add a sense of camaraderie to the narrative that makes it more enjoyable to read.

Book Life Review June 2021