WANTED: COMIC BOOK ORIGINAL ARTWORK (hand drawn black and white art used to publish comic books)

  • October 26, 2021 8:20 am
  • Los Angeles, USA, North America


Private collector is seeking the hand-drawn black and white pencil and ink artwork used to publish comic books.

These were usually 11”x17” or 18”x24”  pencil and inked on light art board drawings sold by comic book artists at comic conventions or given away to fans for writing fan letters, or given away to fans on tours of the comic book companys or simply thrown away.

They basically look like big black and white comic book pages or covers to comic books. (some photo examples are shown)

Are there some in your basement, attic or closet? Well, I collect them and pay CASH for them if they’re ones I like….I prefer SUPERHEROES or monsters, but I’m open minded to something cool or fun.

Also looking for original artwork from certain comic strips (like “Peanuts” with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, etc) as artists often mailed these to fans.


***I also collect comic books from the 1940s-1970s depending on what you have…